8 secret tips for hiring right candidate for BPO industry

September 23, 2021

The work of BPO services persons is complex and demanding. BPO service candidates have to maintain a balance between clients and the organization. Candidates must know how to satisfy the clients and meet the needs of their organizations.

Each client differs from the next one in the BPO industry. So, the recruiter needs to hire a candidate with skills who can handle different situations. BPO companies can approach recruitment agency in Delhi NCR or BPO services in NOIDA for perfect recruitment solutions. These BPO services agencies provide better assistance to companies and also reduce their work.

Hiring the right candidate is the key to delivering the perfect recruitment solution.

Hiring the right candidate for BPO’s is as essential as having the right customer support software for the BPO industry. For a perfect recruitment solution, a recruiter can screen the candidates on a variety of criteria. Like personality, skills, fit and motivation, during the hiring process.
But before we move towards secret tips for hiring the right candidate for the BPO industry, let’s talk about – What are the jobs and responsibilities of a BPO candidate.

What do BPO candidates do?

Candidate’s daily responsibilities will depend on the type of work they do in the BPO Company. It is a general overview of the duties a BPO service candidate may have:

  • Communicate with customers on a variety of channels.
  • Resolve customer problems efficiently and courteously.
  • Provide a significant customer experience and excellent service.

Top skills required for hiring the right candidate for BPO Industry

Here are some of the dominant qualities a recruiter looks for in the right candidate for the BPO Industry:

1. Excellent Communication Skills

Communication affects every facet of this job and is a skill that is demanding for success. Candidates should be fluent in their speaking for a position in BPO Industry. For a perfect recruitment solution, a recruiter needs a candidate must have high proficiency in English. Along with speaking, a candidate should have excellent reading, writing, and listening comprehension skills.
A candidate not only has good oral communication abilities but also be an attentive listener too. To fully understand a customer’s problems and provide a solution that meets their requirements.

2. Speed & Work efficiency

From a BPO company’s perspective, the right candidate for BPO services should be fast and efficient. So that, the candidate should be able to attend more customers and increase its bottom line. BPO Industry should not compromise with the quality of customer support. Speed and customer satisfaction should always be the primary goal of any BPO company.
A recruiter can check these qualities of the prospective candidate by calling previous employers.

3. Ability to Handle Stress

Candidates have to deal with frustrated callers who may become irate. The right candidate can remain calm in any situation. Even when customers are yell at them.
A recruiter can contact past employers to know how a candidate reacted when under pressure. It is the best way, whether they will be the right fit for the job or not.
BPO company can also take help from any professional BPO service provider company. There is so many recruitment agency in Delhi NCR that can assist you in related services.

4. Creative Problem Solving

Many companies provide their employees with scripts to work and what to say to customers. Many companies still use this procedure. However, this may work when common issues or problems generate. It limits an employee’s ability to face unusual queries or requests efficiently.
Customers are put on hold while the BPO agent asks around for a solution. It hurts customer satisfaction and the company itself.
BPO company employees need to be able to solve any problem that comes up.

6. Empathy

Empathy is an essential quality of a successful BPO agent. A pleasant and friendly approach will go a long way to developing a good understanding of a caller. A recruiter must hire a candidate who can convey a genuine understanding of a customer’s concern. To achieve more, an agent can show empathy for a customer’s issue.
A recruiter can gauge a candidate’s capacity for empathy during the interview process by asking pertinent questions. BPO Company can also take support from any recruitment agency in Delhi NCR for their BPO service-related work.

7. Organizational Ability

The environment of BPO companies is busy that requires good organization. Not only from a management opinion but at the agent level as well.
The recruiter needs to hire candidates who can juggle multiple tasks while they are talking to callers. That includes taking notes, checking the company knowledge base, and updating the CRM system. A well-organized candidate who does the job efficiently is the perfect recruitment solution for the BPO industry.
During your interview with a candidate, you can check the ability of the candidate. You can ask them to rate their ability to multi-task. You can confirm this with their previous employers.

8. Team Player

In today’s world when virtual and cloud-based working is at its heights. It would be easy for individuals to work in isolation. However, all BPO company works best when agents work as a team. By utilizing a full-featured BPO software solution has to offer.
A recruiter needs to hire a candidate who has foster relationships with other team members. A perfect candidate is always ready to provide support to their team when necessary.
If you are Delhi/NCR-based BPO, you can take support from a recruitment agency in Delhi NCR. You can also approach BPO services in NOIDA.

Wrap Up!

These qualities are not only beneficial & demanding to the success of a BPO company but, also for the candidates.
Hiring the right candidate can have a significant impact on the success of your BPO business. An unprofessional, inefficient, or rude candidate can do immeasurable damage to your company.
Once you have identified a suitable candidate for this job, you need to ensure that the candidate gets proper training. BPO companies need to teach candidates about how to provide a professional and consistent service to their customers.
If your company is in Delhi/NCR, you can also take support from any recruitment agency in Delhi NCR. Several good companies provide BPO services in NOIDA. These BPO services companies help you save your time, money, and efforts and give you perfect recruitment solutions.