Agnipath Scheme Bihar Agriculture Minister Amrendra Pratap Singh On Agnipath Protest ANN


Bihar Agriculture Minister Amrendra Pratap Singh: Protests are going on in different states of the country including Bihar regarding Agneepath scheme. Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister in Bihar government and BJP leader Amarendra Pratap Singh has said that due to the lax attitude of the police, attacks on BJP leaders and party offices during the violence over the Agnipath scheme. Happened. He also said that in this case the work of deliberately provoking the youth has been done.

Bihar Agriculture Minister Amarendra Pratap Singh said that the BJP President or any leader does not make statements without reason. Had the police been alert, such incidents would not have happened in the BJP leaders’ homes and party offices. The Bihar government should take cognizance of those who are careless in the police and administration. However, now the government is taking cognizance.

The opposition misled the youth!

Bihar Agriculture Minister and senior BJP leader Amarendra Pratap Singh said that the statement of Bihar BJP President Sanjay Jaiswal that the police remained a mute spectator was absolutely right. He said that the opposition misled the youth, students regarding the Agneepath scheme. Bewildered. All the BJP leaders will go from house to house and tell the youth about the benefits of Agneepath scheme.

Agneepath scheme is in the interest of the country- Amarendra Pratap Singh

Bihar Agriculture Minister Amarendra Pratap Singh further said that the central government will not withdraw the Agnipath scheme. He said that the opposition parties instigated and instigated the youth on this issue for political gains. When we go among the youth and students, we will give detailed information about the Agneepath scheme so that people can also understand. He claimed that for the interest of the country, the government has come up with the Agneepath scheme for the recruitment of Agniveers.

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