Alen Musk’s company spacex has recalled 4 astronauts.

  1. SpaceX on Sunday recalled four astronauts from the International Space Station. After this 51 years, a space company has landed its 4 astronauts in the sea. And he has called them back to school.

2. 4 astronauts have landed in the sea through a capsule. The name of this capsule was Dragon capsule. It has been landed in the Gulf of Florida. Just before 3 am, Elon Musk’s second astronaut flight left for the company.

3. 1 of the 3 space passengers who went to the sea flew back in the same capsule.

4. This 167-day mission is the longest mission to launch astronauts from the US. The previous mission was 84 days. Which was set by NASA on 84 day mission. This mission was set by NASA in 1974.

5. Backx mission was led by NASA’s private company spacex. Carrying your astronauts from the ISS.

6. After the shuttle’s fleet retired in 2011, NASA turned to private companies to service the space station.SpaceX began supplying runs in 2012 and launched its first crew last May, ending NASA’s dependence on Russia for transporting astronauts.

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