Business Idea: Make Poha, Feed People & Earn Money! To start, you will get up to 90% loan from the government


New Delhi. If you want to start a good business with very little investment, then you can set up a unit of making Poha. In the last few years, there has been a lot of awareness among the people about nutrition. Poha is considered a nutritional food and it is used more in breakfast. It is both easy to make and to digest. This is the reason why Poha is becoming increasingly popular. It has now reached those places where people did not even know about it earlier.

The special thing about Poha Business is that its demand is still very high and there is no possibility of reducing its demand even further. Also a good thing is that till now no big company has a monopoly on this business in the local markets. That’s why the poha made of small units is also being sold a lot in the market.

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start like this
You will not need much space to start the Poha making unit. If you are starting small scale work then you can start it in 500 square feet space. To make poha, you need a place to put some other equipment including poha machine, furnace, packing machine. Along with this, space is also needed to keep raw materials. Rice is the main material for making Poha. Rice is easily found everywhere in our country. Apart from this, other materials which are needed are also available locally.

how much will it cost
According to the report of Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Poha Making Unit can be started with an investment of Rs 2.43 lakh. You can install this unit in a space of about 500 square feet. On this you will have to spend 1 lakh rupees. At the same time, you will spend 1 lakh rupees on Poha Machine, Sieves, Bhatti, Packing Machine, Drum etc. In this way, your total expenditure will be Rs 2 lakh, while only Rs 43 thousand will be spent as working capital.

how much will be earning
According to the project report, a total of Rs 8.60 lakh is spent on making one thousand quintals of poha. One thousand quintals of poha can be easily sold for Rs 10 lakh. In this way you can earn around Rs 1.40 lakh. Your earnings depend on how much goods you make and how quickly you sell them. The more the goods are consumed, the higher will be your earnings.

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can get loan
According to this report of KVIC, if you prepare a project report and apply for a loan under the Village Industries Employment Scheme, then you can get about 90 percent of the loan. Loan is given by KVIC every year to promote the village industry. You too can take advantage of this.

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