Cryptocurrency Market: Fall in bitcoin, steady rise in Shiba, 1000% jump in one currency


New Delhi. The cryptocurrency market has been quite calm during the last 24 hours. There is a slight rise in some currencies, while there is a slight decline in some. As of 9:41 am Indian time on Thursday, the Global Crypto Market Cap is down 0.11 percent at $ 895.66 billion. Today there is a slight decline in bitcoin and ethereum as well. Shiba Inu has good momentum as of yesterday.

According to the data of Coinmarketcap, at the time of writing the news, Bitcoin (Bitcoin Price Today) is trading at $ 20,230.29, down 0.53 percent. The price of the second largest coin Ethereum (Ethereum Price Today) has reached $1,076.18, down 1.70 percent in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin’s market dominance today is 43.1 percent, while Ethereum’s dominance is 14.6 percent.

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Shiba Inu jumps 20% in 2 days
The penny cryptocurrency Shiba Inu has seen a big jump during the last 48 hours (in two days). Today its price is at 0.000009943 US dollars. It had jumped 18.39 percent during the last 24 hours from the same time yesterday. Today there is a jump of 2.48%. Apart from this, there is a jump of 2 percent in Avalaunch. A currency named Polygon (MATIC) has seen an increase of 20 percent.

What’s up with the cryptocurrency
– Polygon (Polygon – MATIC) – Price: $0.4885, Change: +20.88%
-Shiba Inu – Price: $0.000009943, Changes: +2.48%
– Avalanche – Price: $16.66, Changes: +2.44%
-BNB – Price: $217.80, Change: +0.93%
-XRP – Price: $0.3245, Change: +0.63%
-Solana (Solana – SOL) – Price: $35.15, Changes: +0.62%
-Cardano (Cardano – ADA) – Price: $0.4681, Change: +0.37%
– Polkadot (Polkadot – DOT) – Price: $7.52, Change: +0.22%
-Dogecoin (DOGE) – Price: $0.06272, Change: -0.72%
-Tron TRX – Price: $0.06379, Changes: -0.52%

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Highest Jumping Cryptocurrency
According to Coinmarketcap, Squid Game 2.0 (SQUID), PAPPAY, and WELL were among the three highest-growing coins within the last 24 hours. At the time of writing the news, there has been a tremendous jump of 1013.40 percent in Squid Game 2.0 (SQUID). This cryptocurrency has reached $0.00001155. The second number is PAPPAY, which is at $ 0.0000008993 with a jump of 492.82 percent. The coin named WELL is up 259.12% and is trading at $0.05558.

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