Cryptocurrency Markets: Bitcoin, Ethereum Decline, Shiba Inu Surge


New Delhi. The cryptocurrency market is again looking red today. As of 9:40 am Indian time on Wednesday, the Global Crypto Market Cap has fallen by 1.27 percent to $ 895 billion. Today there has been a big drop in bitcoin and ethereum as well. Shiba Inu and Tron have seen an edge.

According to the data of Coinmarketcap, at the time of writing the news, Bitcoin (Bitcoin Price Today) is trading at $20,380.03, down 1.21 percent. The price of the second largest coin Ethereum (Ethereum Price Today) has fallen by 3.05 percent in the last 24 hours to $ 1,094.66. Bitcoin’s market dominance today is 43.3 percent, while Ethereum’s dominance is 14.8 percent.

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boom in shiba
The penny cryptocurrency Shiba Inu has seen a big jump during the last 24 hours. Its price is at 0.000009703 US dollars. Talking in Indian Rupees, its price is 0.00076 rupees. Means less than 1 paise. It has jumped 18.39 percent in one day. Talking about a week, it has increased to 21.92. Elon Musk-backed Dogecoin (DOGE) is up 4.27% to $0.06313. It has jumped 18.48 percent in a week.

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What’s up with the cryptocurrency
-Shiba Inu – Price: $0.000009703, Change: +18.39%
-Dogecoin (DOGE) – Price: $0.06313, Change: +4.27%
-Tron TRX – Price: $0.06412, Changes: +2.37%
– Polkadot (Polkadot – DOT) – Price: $7.50, Changes: -5.64%
-Cardano (Cardano – ADA) – Price: $0.4664, Changes: -5.57%
– Avalanche – Price: $16.26, Changes: -4.74%
-Solana (Solana – SOL) – Price: $34.92, Changes: -1.23%
-BNB – Price: $215.79, Change: -1.13%
-XRP – Price: $0.3225, Change: -0.54%

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