Delhi: After these states, now the smart meter scheme of electricity will be implemented in Delhi, BSES will spend 4,000 crores


New Delhi. On the lines of many states of the country, now preparations are being made to implement the scheme of Smart Meter Scheme in Delhi also. Smart meters will be installed by Delhi’s private power companies. Out of the three private power companies of Delhi, the exercise has been started by BSES. BSES has invited applications for the supply of 50 lakh smart meters on the guidelines of the Ministry of Power of the Central Government. The cost of this scheme is estimated to be around 4,000 crores.

According to the private power company BSES, it has started the process of replacing the existing electricity meters with smart meters. A tender notice was issued in this regard on June 17, in which applications have been sought for the supply of 50 lakh smart meters.

The target of installing smart meters will be achieved by March 2025 according to the timeline of the Union Ministry of Power. This will be one of the biggest initiatives of the country to install 50 lakh smart meters at a single location. This will be the country’s largest smart meter project in the private sector. This is also the biggest smart meter project in any metro city.

Smart meter project has started in these states
So far 40 lakh 40 thousand smart meters have been installed in the country. The smart meter project of BSES is even bigger. This is a project of 50 lakh smart meters, the process of implementation of which has already started. The major states where smart meter projects have been started so far include installation of 11.55 lakh smart meters in Uttar Pradesh, 8.7 lakh in Bihar, 5.5 lakh in Rajasthan, 4.52 lakh in Haryana and 2.38 lakh in Assam.

Generally, it takes 5 to 8 years to complete the project of installing smart meters in India or even abroad. But in the BSES region, this project will be completed the fastest in the world. BSES will complete the smart meter project within 2 to 3 years.

Smart meter project of BSES will be very beneficial for the consumers. Smart meters will have many features. With the help of smart meters, consumers can themselves monitor and analyze electricity consumption. By paying attention to the demand side management, one can consume electricity in a logical manner and thus reduce the bill.

Smart meters will have these special advantages
You can opt for post paid billing from prepaid billing without visiting the BSES office. You can apply for increase / decrease of load through smart meter. You can monitor the charging of your electric vehicle in the smart meter. In this, roof top solar energy net metering can also be monitored. If there is any problem in the power supply or there is any kind of interruption in the services, then the smart meter will give information related to these to the consumer. The smart meter will also tell how much time it will take for the power to be restored.

These meters will help discoms in planning power
On the other hand, smart meters will help discoms in power planning. The smart meter will help the discoms in estimating the electrical load and in scheduling the electricity.

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