For Beginners How to install wordpress and how to connect database from wordpress ?

Step 1 :- Search in Google download wordpress

Step 2 :- Download WordPress

Step 3 :- You should have xampp for local server.

Step 4 :- In xampp folder ->under in htdocs folder->paste your wordpress zip

Step 5 :- In htdocs folder extract your wordpress zip and change your folder name which you want your project name like: my_project.

Step 6 :- Main thing start your xampp server.

Step 7 :- In Google Search localhost when it loads then click on phpmyadmin and create your database name.

Step 8 :- Again go under in htdocs folder ->my_projects->edit wp_config.php file->then change your database name which you create in xampp server ->And your user name should be “root”->and your password should be blank.

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