Gyanvapi Masjid Surey Team Completed Two Room Survey Know About Fact Reveal In Rooms


Varanasi Masjid Survey: The work of Gyanvapi Masjid survey has started and the survey team has completed the survey work of 2 rooms out of 5 and the survey work of the third room is going on. The survey team had reached the mosque premises at 8:16 am and started work. The survey work is going on peacefully. The police administration is also alert. What was found in the two rooms whose survey work was completed and what happened till now, we know the serial developments.

First of all the survey team reached the mosque premises at 8:16 am. Cameras were also with this team. Videography and photography of the survey is also being done. There are 52 people in this team. Varanasi DM and Police Commissioner are also present together. Then the team moved towards the basement. The cellar was studded with chains and locks, so it is not clear whether its locks were broken or opened with keys. The basement was so dirty that it could not be entered, so first it was cleaned.

The team of these 52 people is doing survey

Among the 52 people whose team has gone to the premises, Court Commissioner Ajay Kumar Mishra, along with two associate court commissioners, people of the plaintiff’s side, DGC Civil, high officials of district administration, security personnel, a videographer, 2 photographers are included. One of the photographers is from the Information Department.

Wazu was done before entering the basement. Then taking off the shoes and slippers, the team entered the basement. The team is surveying with torch and halogen light. This team has received instructions that religious books and mantras will not be touched. A total of 5 rooms were found in the basement, one of which did not have a door. So far the team has surveyed two rooms and the work of survey of the third room is going on. So far the team has not found any concrete evidence or evidence related to Hinduism.

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