Handicapped Artist Claims, The Airline Stopped From Flying With A Battery-powered Wheelchair


Misbehavior of Alliance Air: An award winner and handicapped artist has claimed that she was recently stopped from boarding an Alliance Air flight from Bangalore to Kochi because She was not ready to give up her battery-operated wheelchair.

Sarita Dwivedi, while talking to the media on Monday, claimed that the airline provided her the only option to either give up her wheelchair or book a flight from another airline. Alliance Air also did not refund the amount of about 8,000 rupees spent on the tickets of him and a friend who had come from Kochi to Bengaluru to pick them up here. Sarita also accused a staff member of being ill-tempered towards her. However, the airline’s statement on this issue is awaited.

Sarita left with a wheelchair on the next flight
Dwivedi told that later he had to spend around Rs 14,000 to travel by another private airline to reach here with his friend. He said that the private airline also carried his wheelchair in the cargo of the plane without any hindrance.

It was a very bad experience: Sarita
However, what happened at the Alliance Air counter at Kempegowda International Airport on Saturday was a very bad experience, he said. Asked whether she was planning to sue the airline or take any other action, she said at the moment she does not know what to do. He had earlier tweeted about the incident tagging Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia.


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