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Digestive System: Youth are facing many health related problems. Especially these problems are related to the stomach and digestion. Most of the youth complain that they get tired quickly, they feel laziness, they do not feel like in their work, they find it difficult to stay focused…if you do any such thing. If you are facing the problem in your daily life, then you must take a look at your food. Because most of the youth are eating those foods together in their daily diet, which have opposing properties from each other. Eating these things together has a bad effect on digestion, slows down the digestive flame and causes problems like bloating, gas, heaviness, which causes lethargy and fatigue in your body. promotes. This thing may surprise you, but it is true that due to wrong changes in food, the body of youth has started showing signs of old age at an early age.

These foods should not be eaten together

Milk and fruits- Milk and fruits should never be consumed together. Drinking milk after eating some fruits, such as mango or banana, makes the body strong. But there is a way to eat them. These two things are not eaten together or one after the other. Rather, if you drink milk one to one and a half hours after eating mango or banana, you will get full benefits. Otherwise, eating them together will only harm the body.

Chai and Paratha

Our easiest and favorite breakfast food here is paratha with tea. Because in our country people are not aware that by eating tea and paratha together they are spoiling their digestion and also reducing their age. Let us tell you that salt should not be used with milk products. Salt is added to the parathas that are prepared to be eaten with tea, with the intention of enhancing the taste. If you have to eat paratha with tea, then take tea without milk. Otherwise, by eating this type of food continuously, there will be a problem of burning on the chest and constipation or heaviness will also remain in the body.

ice cream with hot chocolate

You get to eat many such foods nowadays, in which cold and hot food are served together. Like hot chocolate with chilled ice cream. These types of foods may be tasty to eat, but they cause a lot of damage to digestion.

Cheese with fruits and vegetables

You must have eaten raw vegetables and fruits along with cheese in salads and burgers etc. or you must have seen people doing this. Whatever it is, now you have to avoid this combination and do not consume these things together. Do not consume milk and things made from it with any fruit and vegetable. Except only desi ghee.

Parathas made in sesame oil

Various types of oil and ghee are used to make parathas. But few people are aware that sesame oil should never be used for making parathas. Because the consumption of wheat and sesame together is considered taboo in Ayurveda. Both of these are food items of opposing properties.

chicken lovers

You like to eat chicken and you also eat curd very fondly. Both of these are healthy foods. But never consume them together. Otherwise, from stomach pain and loose motion to food poisoning or many other stomach related diseases, you may have to face it.

Banana and Yogurt

There are many of us who like to eat ripe banana mixed with curd. Although Ayurveda does not allow these two things to be eaten together. So avoid doing this.

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