Hong Kong’s Iconic Jumbo Floating Restaurant Sinks In South China Sea


Hong Kong Jumbo Floating Restaurant: Hong Kong’s very famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant has sunk in the South China Sea. This restaurant is also known as a landmark there. Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises Limited gave this information on Monday 20 June. It is worth noting that the port on which this floating restaurant was running for almost 50 years, it was picked up from there just a few days before it sank.

Lee Jumbo water mausoleum near Paracel Island

According to a statement from Aberdeen Restaurant Enterprises Ltd, on Saturday 18 June, when the jumbo was being taken to an undisclosed location, it was hit by bad weather near Paracel Islands. Efforts were made to save this famous and iconic restaurant, but it could not be saved, where the Jumbo submerged, the depth of the water was more than 1000 meters, due to which the efforts to save it were becoming very difficult. Finally, on Sunday 19 June, it completely took a water burial in the South China Sea. However, no crew member was injured in this accident. The company said that we are deeply saddened by this accident, but it is a matter of relief for us that no crew member was harmed in this. Marine engineers were also hired to investigate before leaving for its restaurant trip. It was only after his consent that he was taking it to an unknown place.

Floating restaurant was in loss

It was closed in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the restaurant suffered heavy losses. Although even before this the restaurant was facing financial problems. According to its operator Melco International Development, their business did not go well even last month. Since 2013, the restaurant was mired in financial troubles and was facing huge losses.

Queen Elizabeth II From celebrities like Tom Cruise tasted

It is believed that more than 30 lakh people have tasted its cuisine in this restaurant. From ordinary people to Queen Elizabeth II to Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and Richard Branson, its local Cantonese cuisine has been enjoyed by it.

Jumbo came in movies too

Not only the people of the floating restaurant have been crazy, but the memories of this restaurant are also attached to many films. It also includes films from the James Bond series.

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