If Tata can’t run Air India, no one else can run it in India: Emirates president


Doha. Emirates President Tim Clarke said that it is not easy for an airline to operate in India. If the Tata group cannot run Air India, then no one in the country can run it.

Clarke said on Monday, “Air India should be as big as United Airlines. It must be so large because of its domestic market as well as overseas Indians (NRIs) and the level of economic activity taking place in India. This is a gold mine.”

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One billion population of diaspora
Air India currently has 128 aircraft in its fleet, while Chicago-based United Airlines has 860 aircraft. “You (India) have a billion population of Indian diaspora, which is so large and growing all the time that Air India should be recognized,” Clarke said on the sidelines of the 78th Annual General Meeting of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) here. Must be one of the largest international airlines in the world.

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“It’s good that Air India is run by Tata”
The Tata group took control of loss-making and debt-ridden Air India on January 27, after successfully winning a bid for the airline on October 8 last year. Clarke said, “I think the best thing could have happened for Air India was for Tata to take it over. I am probably the only one in this room who flew Air India when Tata was running Air India and it was owned by him. It was a good airline.”

He said that for decades Air India has remained a small entity in the international arena. India’s international passenger market is dominated by international airlines such as Emirates, which is one of the two major UAE airlines.

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