Indonesias New Visa Scheme Allows Tax-free Stay In The Country For Five Years But With This Condition


Digital Nomad Visa: Indonesia will soon start offering a visa that will allow remote workers to live tax-free as long as their earnings come from outside the country. According to Bloomberg, Indonesia’s Tourism Minister Sandiaga Uno earlier this month announced a five-year “Digital Nomad Visa”.

Uno said he expects the latest move to bring 3.6 million foreign travelers to the country and create one million jobs for Indonesians. He said the proposed remote working visa would mean that freelancers from around the world could live on islands like Bali, provided their earnings came from companies outside Indonesia.

‘This decision is based on research’
The Indonesian minister said, “In the past, there were three S: the sun, the sea and the sand. We are leading it towards peace, spirituality and stability. That’s how we grow the local economy.” Better quality and better effect are achieved in (economy).” Furthermore, Uno pointed out that the decision was based on research that showed Indonesia “topped” for 95% of remote workers who took part in the survey.

Indonesia offers many types of visas
Currently, there are a variety of visas available for remote workers looking to visit Indonesia, including Visa on Arrival (VOA), Tourist of Cultural Visa, and Free Country Visa. However, these are only for between 30 and 180 days.

The new visa scheme will allow its holders to stay for five years without paying taxes, but only if they do not earn their income within Indonesia.

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