International Yoga Day PM Modi In Mysore Palace Garden Says About Its Importance | International Yoga Day: PM Modi said on International Yoga Day


International Yoga Day: Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached Mysore Palace Garden in Karnataka on the occasion of International Yoga Day and did yoga with about 15,000 people present there. On this occasion, while wishing Yoga Day, he told about its importance in life and said that it is very important for a healthy body. PM Modi said that today the echo of yoga is being heard from every corner of the world. It has become the basis of life.

PM Modi said that no matter how stressful we are in an environment, a few minutes of meditation relaxes us, increases our productivity. Therefore, we do not have to take yoga as an extra work. We also have to know yoga, we also have to live yoga. We have to achieve yoga, we have to adopt yoga also.

He said that yoga has been promoted from house to house. Yoga is not ‘Part of Life’ but has become ‘Way of Life’. PM Modi said that we have to live yoga and also know yoga. PM Modi said that the yoga-energy which has been nurtured for centuries by the spiritual centers of India like Mysore, today that yoga energy is giving direction to world health. Today yoga is becoming a mutual basis for global cooperation.

PM Modi said that today Yoga is giving the confidence of a healthy life to mankind. Prime Minister Modi said that this time the theme of International Yoga Day is Yoga for Humanity. I heartily thank the United Nations and all the countries for taking this message of Yoga to the entire humanity through this theme.

He further said that at the international level also, this time we are using such innovative use of “Guardian Ring of Yoga” all over the world. With the sunrise in different countries of the world, with the movement of the sun, people are doing yoga. This eternal journey of yoga will continue like this in the direction of eternal future. We will also accelerate a healthy and peaceful world through yoga with the spirit of Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya. About 15,000 people have reached the Mysore Palace Ground in Karnataka, who will all do yoga together. This time the theme of Yoga has been kept – Humanity for Yoga.

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