It is not difficult for Delhi to reach top-4, know how to get playoff ticket


Delhi Capitals: In this season of IPL so far only Gujarat Titans has been able to make it to the playoffs. Apart from this, Chennai and Mumbai are such teams, which have been out of the playoff race this time. Now out of the remaining 7 teams, three teams of the playoff will be selected. Currently, teams from Lucknow, Rajasthan and Bangalore are leading in this race. But Delhi’s team is also not far behind here. Delhi Capitals can also easily reach the playoffs by winning both their remaining matches. Even if she loses a couple of matches here, she will still have a chance to reach the playoffs, although in this situation she will have to depend on the results of other matches. Know the equation of playing the playoffs of Delhi Capitals ..

  • Delhi won at least one of its remaining two matches. In such a situation, Delhi will have 7 wins in 14 matches. The margin of victory of Delhi should be big so that the net run rate can be better than other teams.
  • RCB lose both their remaining matches to Punjab Kings and Gujarat Titans. In such a situation, the number of matches won by RCB will also be 7 and the run rate will also be less than Delhi.
  • KKR win their next match against SRH and lose to Lucknow. Even if KKR wins from Lucknow, the total victory of KKR will be 7 only. Bus run rate should be less than Delhi.
  • SRH lose their remaining three matches to Punjab, Kolkata and Mumbai. By the way, even if SRH wins from Kolkata and Mumbai, its total win will remain 7 only. Even then, based on the net run rate of Delhi, there will be scope for reaching the playoffs.
  • Rajasthan should also lose both their remaining matches. That is, the team of Rajasthan loses to Lucknow and Chennai. In such a situation, Rajasthan will also be limited to 7 wins and the playoff team will be decided on the basis of net run rate.
  • Punjab Kings should win their next match against Bangalore and Hyderabad and lose the match against Delhi. In such a situation, the victory of Punjab will also remain 7 and there will be chances of Delhi reaching the playoffs on the basis of net runs.

If the above-mentioned equations are made, then Delhi’s team can reach the playoff even after losing one match. In such a situation, the place of Gujarat, Lucknow and Delhi will be confirmed in the playoffs. The fourth team in the playoffs will be decided on the basis of net run rate.

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