Kapil Dev is worried about Virat Kohli’s form, told why he has the right to ask questions


Team India has to play a very important Test match against England from July 1. However, before this Test, the poor form of Virat Kohli remains a matter of discussion. Former India captain Kapil Dev said that as a former cricketer, he has every right to ask questions about Virat Kohli’s poor form.

Kapil Dev has been reacting to Virat Kohli’s poor form in the past as well. Kapil Dev said, “I have not played as much cricket as Virat Kohli. But you don’t need to play much cricket to see what’s going wrong. We have played cricket and we understand the game. We can give our opinion for improvement.

Kapil Dev further said, “If you don’t score runs then we think something is wrong. We only look at one thing and that is your performance. If you are not performing, don’t expect others to remain silent. You have a bat and answer with it. Nothing more needs to be done.

Kapil Dev expressed his pain

Kapil Dev said that it hurts to see a player like Virat Kohli not scoring runs. The former captain said, “The player of Virat Kohli’s class is not able to score a century. Virat Kohli scored a century in November 2019. Question is being raised on Virat Kohli scoring less runs. This happening is a matter of concern for Team India and fans.

Kapil Dev called Virat Kohli a hero. Kapil Dev said, “We did not imagine that a player who is compared with Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Sunil Gavaskar will not be able to score runs for two years.”

Let us tell you that the 15th season of IPL was not good for Virat Kohli. After this BCCI gave a break to Virat Kohli from the series against South Africa.

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