Life insurance companies will be allowed to sell health insurance! What will be the effect on your pocket


New Delhi. Life insurance companies will now soon be able to offer health insurance as well. Mint has given this information quoting sources. This is likely to bring down the insurance premium and increase access to more people. Insurance regulator IRDAI has been considering this for the past several weeks.

If insurance companies are allowed to sell health insurance, they can sell both the insurances together. With the entry of life insurance companies in the field of health insurance, competition will increase and the customers will get direct benefit from it. They will be able to get health plans at low premiums. At present, the annual premium for an average mediclaim policy of Rs 2 lakh for a healthy person aged 18-50 years is Rs 5,000-7000. If IRDAI approves this plan, then there can be a reduction of 5-10 percent in this premium.

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LIC will benefit the most

If IRDAI gives this permission, then companies like LIC will benefit the most. It is possible that the shares of LIC may see a rise after this. LIC has the highest market share in the life insurance sector in India. In such a situation, she can give health to her old customers only by clubbing it with life insurance. At present, insurance companies sell only fixed benefit health plans. In which the claimant gets the amount which is sum insured of the amount deposited by him.

Insurance status in India

According to the Economic Survey 2021-22, life insurance policies in India stood at 3.2 per cent in 2020. When the non-life insurance policy was only 1 per cent. It also includes health insurance, motor insurance and industrial insurance. This is much lower than the global average of 4.1 per cent. However, there has been a rise in the premium of health insurance. In 2022, its total premium had increased from Rs 58572 crore to Rs 73330 crore.

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was banned in 2016

In 2016, IRDAI banned life insurance companies from selling health insurance. He cannot sell any health policy single or group. However, later a committee recommended allowing life insurance companies to sell health insurance as well. IRDAI is considering this recommendation.

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