Maharashtra Political Crisis: If Elections Go, BJP Throws Them In The Garbage… Through ‘Saamana’ Shiv Sena Warns Rebel MLAs


Maharashtra Political Crisis: Amidst the political crisis in Maharashtra, CM Uddhav Thackeray has fiercely attacked the rebel MLAs through Shiv Sena mouthpiece ‘Saamana’. It was said in an editorial that the hardworking MLAs who were elected on Shiv Sena ticket, on money, are caught in the grip of BJP. They first went to Surat and later to Asaman by special aircraft. Why are these MLAs running so much? We are not related to the developments going on under Shiv Sena, BJP should not make such a joke. BJP people from Maharashtra were present in Surat’s hotel where this ‘Mahamandal’ was. Then as soon as these people go to Assam from Surat, the ministers of Assam are present at the Guwahati airport to welcome them. The people of the state are not fools like not understanding the mystery behind it. Hotels, airplanes, vehicles, horses, special security arrangements are not the blessings of the BJP government only? We have a desire to appreciate the moral foundation of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

What will Kirit Somaiya do after yesterday, who attacked Shiv Sena MLAs on charges of corruption, economic malpractice, saying ‘Now your place is in jail’ by showing them the fear of ED, CBI and Income Tax? All these MLAs have joined the BJP group since yesterday and the political gagabhats of Delhi have purified them. Now Kirit Somaiya will have to worship all these Shiv Sena MLAs, it seems. Akola MLA Nitin Deshmukh returned to Mumbai from Surat and told the sensational truth about what happened.

Will throw it in the garbage as soon as it is needed

If all these MLAs face elections once again, then the public will not remain without defeating them. These people will not be aware of this. That’s why these Shiv Sena MLAs and honorees will return to their homes again. Today the BJP people who are handling them like a wound on the palm of their hands, they will again throw it in the garbage as soon as the need is over. This has been the tradition of BJP. If anyone must have dreamed of setting up a new government in Maharashtra, it is their dream. Due to whom the ‘extra’ victory of Rajya Sabha, Legislative Council elections has been got, it is now open.

Be careful in time, be wise!

Now the MLAs have been kept locked up. It has been kept under the sword of terror, it has been made clear by the returned Nitin Deshmukh. Shiv Sena has digested many such incidents. Shiv Sena stood by keeping its feet on the chest of such troubles. Victory and defeat. Whether power comes or goes, it doesn’t matter to an organization like Shiv Sena. If it makes a difference, then the MLAs who have fallen victim to the temptation and pressure of the BJP. If the Shiv Sainiks decide, then all people will be able to be ‘ex’ forever. This is what the history of the rebellions before it says. Be careful in time, be wise!

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