Multibagger Stock: 3200% return in 2 years, made investors rich, made 33 lakh rupees for 1 lakh


New Delhi. The economies of the world have been under pressure for some time now. Its effect has also been seen on the stock markets around the world. The Indian stock market is also under pressure for the last several months. But, even in this recessionary season, some stocks are giving profits to the investors. The stock of Xpro India is also included in the list of such Multibagger Stock shares. This stock, included in the portfolio of famous investor Ashish Kacholia, has made investors very happy by giving 3,200 percent returns in the last two years.

In the last one year also, this stock has given huge profits to the investors. The stock has jumped 450 per cent in one year. The current market cap of Xpro India is Rs 1,228 crore. Its average volume for the last 20 days is 12,361. Xpro India’s 52-week high is Rs 1,670 and its 52-week low on NSE is Rs 160.

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Reached the level of Rs 182 to 1030 in a year
According to a report in Live Mint, the stock of Xpro India is now under pressure of profit booking after touching its 52 week high of Rs 1,670. This is the reason why it has fallen 10 per cent in the last one month. However, in the year 2022, this stock has gained 8 percent and has increased from Rs 937 to Rs 1030. In the last one year, this stock has seen a huge jump of 450 per cent. Its price was Rs 182 a year ago, which has now increased to Rs 1,030. Similarly, Xpro India’s stock has jumped 3,200 per cent in the last two years and has increased from Rs 31 to Rs 1,030 in this period.

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One lakh became 33 lakh
The stock of Xpro India has given multibagger returns to its investors in the last two years. If an investor had invested Rs 1 lakh in this stock at the beginning of the year 2022, then today he is getting Rs 1.08 lakh. If an investor had invested one lakh rupees in this multibagger stock a year ago, then today his investment has increased five and a half times to Rs 5.50 lakh.

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