New way of cyber fraud, people are being cheated in the name of electricity bill, read how to avoid


New Delhi . As the world is getting digital, the case of online fraud is also increasing rapidly. Along with this, new ways of cheating are also being seen. Along with blowing money from credit cards, lakhs of rupees are being duped in the name of KYC. Now cyber thieves have invented another new way of cheating.

According to some media reports, thugs are luring people in the name of fake electricity bill payment. Many such cases have been seen, people are telling about this fraud on social media. Cyber ​​thieves are sending electricity bill messages to trap users. In which it is written that if they do not deposit the bill on time, then their connection will be disconnected.

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Message and phone fraud
The fraudsters are duping people by pretending to be an officer or employee of the electricity department. They first send a text message containing a fake electricity bill. Also give the number of an electricity officer. He describes himself as an employee of the electricity department. Intimidating customers by telling them outstanding electricity bills and forcing them to pay. They also contact people on WhatsApp.

fake electricity bill
By falling into their trap, when a user agrees to pay a fake electricity bill, then this thug gives the user a personal Google Pay (Gpay) Ask to transfer money to the account.

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These cyber thieves are also working to entice people in their trap by calling people. After many complaints, the Telecom Department including the Electricity Department and the Police are also making people aware to avoid such fraudsters. These thugs are trying to implicate people in the name of electricity bill as well as telephone bill.

how to avoid
On the question of how to avoid them, experts say, first of all, make yourself and your family aware about cyber fraud, bank fraud or other such frauds. Do not share OTP to any unknown person for KYC or any other purpose. Please check any kind of phone or message first. Also, do not fall into any kind of greed, such as cheap goods, or discounts or do not fall for any type of doubling the money.

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