Ola Electric starts work on MoveOS3 after OTA feature update in MoveOS2


Bangalore. Ola Electric recently released the over-the-air (OTA) update for the MoveOS2 for over 50,000 of its S1 Pro customers across the country. The Bengaluru-based electric vehicle maker is now working on an OTA update for the next generation of its electric scooter, the MoveOS3. The company will focus more on improving the region in its vehicles along with other features in the next update.

The company’s CEO Bhavish Agarwal said on Twitter that the company has rolled out MoveOS2 and it will be available to everyone in the next few days. He further said that the company has also started working on MoveOS3. More information will be shared in this context on August 15. Apart from the features, we will focus on the region and make it even better in MoveOS3.

Suggestions sought from followers
During this, Agarwal also sought suggestions from his followers on Twitter about the features they want in the updated MoveOS 3. He wrote on his Twitter that which features do you want to see? He added that the MoveOS2 rollout is progressing rapidly and it will be available to all in the next few days.

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Many features will be available after the update
The current MoveOS 2 update gives owners remote access to their EV via the Ola Electric Companion app, which helps them lock, unlock and unlock the boot of their scooter with the touch of a button. Customers will now be able to access metrics such as range mode, charging states, and odometer readings.

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Live Route Map will be available on HMI
The OTA software update in MoveOS2 will also provide better navigation support to users who use turn-by-turn navigation support. They will get a live route map on the HMI of the electric vehicle, which will help the riders to reach their destination faster. Let us tell you that Ola Electric had shown a teaser of the upcoming electric four-wheeler to its users during Ola Customer Day. This teaser was seen by 50,000 customers. This electric car is likely to be launched in 2023.


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