Only 3 days are left to buy cheap gold, you can also invest, know the process


New Delhi. Gold has always been considered a safe means of investment. Investing in gold gives good returns. This is the reason that the attraction of gold remains intact forever. If you also want to invest in gold, then the government is giving you a good opportunity to do so. The Government of India is giving an opportunity to people to buy gold under its Sovereign Gold Bond scheme. The issue of Sovereign Gold Bond opened on June 20 and will close on June 24.

In Sovereign Gold Bond, the government does not give physical gold to the investors, but gives an opportunity to invest money in gold. In this, a person can buy gold from one gram to four kilograms in a financial year. If we talk about returns, in the last one year, gold has given 7.37 percent profit to its investors. This first issue has opened in the financial year 2022-23. The second issue will come in August.

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this is the price According to a report of Sovereign Gold Bond, you have to buy at least 1 gram of gold. The government has fixed the price of one gram of gold at Rs 5,041. If an investor makes a digital payment, then he will also get a discount of Rs 50. If we talk about the return of gold in the last one year, then it has been 7.37 percent in rupee, while it has been 4.17 percent in dollar.

How to invest?
Investors in Sovereign Gold Bonds can do through Banks, Stock Holding Corporation of India (SHCIL), Clearing Corporation of India, some post offices, NSE and BSE.

Maturity period is 8 years
The maturity period of Sovereign Gold Bond is 8 years. Investors can withdraw money from it even after 5 years. A man can invest a maximum of 4 kg of gold. This limit is for one financial year. This means that if there are several issues of Sovereign Gold Bonds in a year, then the total investment of a person in them should not exceed 4 kg.

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how much interest do you get
Sovereign gold bonds earn an interest of 2.5% per annum. If an investor holds the Sovereign Gold Bond till maturity, then he does not have to pay any kind of capital gains tax.

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