People Came To Congratulate Draupadi Murmu After Becoming NDA’s Presidential Candidate


NDA Presidential Nominee Droupadi Murmu: While announcing the NDA candidate for the presidential election, the BJP has suggested the name of Draupadi Murmu, a tribal woman leader from Odisha and former governor of Jharkhand. A crowd gathered at Draupadi Murmu’s residence in Rairangpur town of Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district after she was announced as the NDA’s presidential candidate.

During a conversation with the media on this special occasion, NDA’s presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu said that she got the news of being elected as the presidential candidate from the media. On which I do not want to comment anything. Along with this, he also thanked everyone.

He further said that he is quite surprised and at the same time happy about being made the NDA’s presidential candidate. She has said that she will act in accordance with the powers of the President enshrined in the Constitution. She says that now after becoming a presidential candidate, she will reach out to the members of the electoral college for support, as well as seek the support of MPs and MLAs.

According to Draupadi Murmu, after being made a presidential candidate, her job is to reach out to the people and reach out to the members of the electoral college and seek their cooperation. She says that ‘I will request support from all parties, states.’ At present, voting for the post of President in the country will be held on July 18. If Draupadi Murmu succeeds in winning it, she will be the first tribal president of India and the second woman president of the country.

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