Presidential Election 2022 BJP Bet In The Presidential Election These Names Are Being Discussed Ann


Presidential Election 2022: In BJP, the discussion about the presidential candidate has intensified. Last evening, the BJP held a meeting of the management committee regarding the presidential election and discussed the future strategy. But there is still a question in front of everyone that who will be the face of BJP and NDA? On whom will the BJP bet?

It is worth noting that on July 24 of next month, the term of President of India Ram Nath Kovind is being completed. Whereas only 9 days are left for the nomination for the election. That is, on the coming June 29, the nomination can be done till 5 pm. In such a situation, the stir about the presidential candidate from the BJP camp has intensified. If sources are to be believed, BJP has completed the preparations.

For example, BJP President JP Nadda and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh held discussions with all the parties of NDA and UPA but have not yet opened their cards. If sources are to be believed, in the next one or two days, the BJP high command is going to have a meeting with PM Narendra Modi regarding the candidate. Which will get the final seal on the name of the candidate from the NDA side.

These can be candidates
Who will be the Presidential candidate from BJP’s side, at present BJP has not disclosed this, but BJP keeps on discussing till the last minute. At present, there are many such names whose discussions are intensifying. Now it has to be seen in whose name BJP stamps. There is also a possibility that BJP can bet on a female face this time.

1. Anandiben Patel (80 years) – Anandiben Patel is currently the Governor of Uttar Pradesh and has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat in the past. Anandiben has also been a minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s cabinet during his tenure and is considered to be the most trusted of PM Modi. It is believed that keeping in mind the Gujarat elections and giving a big message to the OBC category in the country, BJP can bet on Anandiben.

Weakness- The biggest strength of Anandiben Patel is also his weakness. For example, being from Gujarat, BJP will try to avoid that the President should also be from Gujarat. Second, his age has also reached 80 years, which is the biggest problem for him.

2. Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan (61 years) – Dr. Tamilisai, former National Secretary of BJP, is presently the Governor of Telangana and is looking after the additional work of the LG of Pondicherry. Dr. Tamilisai, a professional doctor by profession, is originally from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Has won many national and international awards. She is a BJP confidant. BJP can bet on Tamilsai to deliver the message under the BJP expansion plan in the South.

Weakness – Tamilsai is still not well known as a mass leader. Also, BJP’s allies may not be ready in the name of Tamil Sai.

3. Thaawarchand Gehlot (74 years) – is a trusted Dalit leader of BJP. Thawarchand Gehlot’s lottery can be used to give a message to the Dalits and to give a message to the voters of the state in the upcoming elections in Madhya Pradesh.

Weakness – Current President Ram Nath Kovind is also a Dalit… In such a situation, BJP can take a new path. Apart from this, Gehlot’s age can also become a hindrance for him.

4. Acharya Devvrat (63 Years) – Trustee of PM Modi, dear to the Sangh and very clean image. He has also been a campaigner for the Sangh for a long time. Whereas through Gurukul, he has written a new chapter of education. At present, he is the Governor of Gujarat. Through them BJP can also avoid caste politics. Can cache their clean.

5. Draupadi Murmu (64 years) – 47 ST reserved Lok Sabha seat of the country and the country’s tribals can bet on Draupadi Murmu to give a message to the country’s tribals. In future, BJP may also consider Murmu’s name under Odisha expansion.

6. Venkaiah Naidu – In the name of Vice President of the country and former BJP President Venkaiah Naidu, BJP can also bet under Plan South.

7. Nirmala Sitharaman- The country’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman belongs to Chennai. Under the South Plan, the Bharatiya Janata Party can also consider the name of Nirmala Sitharaman. If we look at the political journey of Nirmala, the very trusted Prime Minister, then anything can happen.

8. Apart from this, BJP is also considering the name of Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed (Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi), the country’s minority minister. By doing this BJP can give a message to the Muslims of the world.


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