Printing 200 rupees note is the most expensive, how much is the cost of printing which note, Reserve Bank told its expenditure


New Delhi. Just as the expenditure of our money is increasing due to rising inflation every day, in the same way RBI is also spending more on printing notes. In an information sought under the Right to Information (RTI), the Reserve Bank has told that the highest cost is coming on the printing of 200 rupee notes.

businessline According to the news published in RTI, printing 200 rupees note seems to be much more expensive than 500 rupees. In the RTI reply, the Reserve Bank said that printing Rs 10 notes is costing more than printing Rs 20 notes. Apart from the high prices of paper, the printing cost of notes is also increasing continuously due to the rising inflation of other items. However, RBI has almost stopped printing Rs 2,000 notes now.

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How much does the printing of which note cost?

According to the RBI, at present, it costs Rs 960 to print one thousand notes of Rs 10, while its cost is only Rs 950 for Rs 20. That is, the printing of 10 notes is costing more than 20. Similarly, Rs 2,290 has to be spent on printing thousand notes of Rs 500, while a total expenditure of Rs 2,370 is spent on printing thousand notes of Rs 200. At present, if Rs 2,000 notes are omitted, then the highest cost of printing is coming on Rs 200 notes. 1,770 rupees have to be spent on printing 1000 notes of 100 rupees.

The cost of printing 50 rupee notes increased the most

Talking about the increase in the cost of printing notes in a year, the maximum impact has been on printing of 50 rupees notes. RBI said that in the financial year 2020-21, the cost of printing Rs 50 thousand notes was Rs 920, which has increased by 23 percent to Rs 1,130 in 2021-22. The least impact has been on printing 20 rupee notes. In 2020-21, where Rs 940 was spent on printing Rs 20 thousand notes, in the last financial year Rs 950 has been spent on it. There has been no change in the printing cost of Rs 500 notes during this period.

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Notes are printed at four places in the country

The Reserve Bank and the Central Government together print notes at four places in the country. Out of this, two presses are with the RBI, while two are operated by the central government. Both the RBI presses are located in Mysore and Salboni, while the central government presses are located in Nashik and Dewas. However, only the central government has the right to mint coins. Coins are minted in the country in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Noida.

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