Punjab Big Decision Of Bhagwant Mann Government VIP Culture Ended In Jail After Gun Culture Ann


Punjab: Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann is constantly seen in action mode. CM has now abolished the VIP cell in the jails of Punjab. Mann government has tightened the mobile phones found in jails, after which fast search drives are being run in jails. According to the information, so far 710 mobiles have been recovered from the jail.

Let us tell you, the government has made it clear that VIP culture will no longer be adopted in jails. After this order, now no criminal from inside the jail will be able to run his black business outside. At the same time, some officials who were negligent in this regard have also been suspended. In fact, the government has made it clear that now the reform houses will actually reform the criminals and negligence of any kind will not be accepted.

CM had objected to gun culture

Let me tell you, before this, CM Bhagwant Mann had shown a strict attitude regarding gun culture in the songs of Punjab. Bhagwant Mann warned singers who are allegedly promoting gun culture through their songs. He termed such practice as unacceptable and said those involved would be dealt with strictly.

Do not encourage violence through songs

Bhagwant Mann believes that violence should not be encouraged through songs. Mann said, “There is a trend by some Punjabi singers to encourage gun culture and gang-rape. Which we condemn. And they are urged to avoid spreading violence, hatred and hatred in the society through their songs.

The Chief Minister urged such singers to respect the culture and Punjabiyat of Punjab and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood, peace and harmony instead of promoting anti-social activities through songs.

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