Rohit Sharma defends Rishabh Pant, who is constantly being trolled on social media, said this


IPL 2022: The Delhi Capitals (DC) team was in front of Mumbai Indians (MI) at the Wankhede Stadium on Saturday. It was very important for Delhi Capitals (DC) to win this match to reach the playoffs. While Mumbai Indians (MI) was already out of the race for the playoffs. However, in this match, Mumbai Indians (MI) defeated Delhi Capitals (DC) by 5 wickets. With this victory of Mumbai Indians (MI), Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) reached the playoffs. After this match, questions are being raised on Delhi Capitals (DC) captain Rishabh Pant. But in the meantime, Mumbai Indians (MI) captain Rohit Sharma has defended Rishabh Pant.

‘Criticism of Rishabh Pant’s decision not to take review’

Actually, Mumbai Indians (MI) batsman Tim David was caught out. After the ball hit David’s bat, it went to wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant. Nearby players including Pant appealed for the catch. According to the umpire, Tim David was not out. But Delhi Capitals (DC) captain Rishabh Pant did not take the review. After which it was clearly visible in the replays that the ball had touched David’s bat. At the same time, Tim David scored 34 runs in 11 balls to give victory to Mumbai Indians (MI) in this match. After this defeat of Delhi Capitals (DC), many veterans including fans criticized Rishabh Pant’s decision not to take the review. This match was not good for Rishabh Pant. Earlier, Pant had dropped a simple catch of Dewald Brevis.

‘Rishabh Pant is a great captain’

After the match, Mumbai Indians (MI) captain Rohit Sharma said that Pant definitely made mistakes in this match. But Pant is still a young player, and with time he will get better. Along with this, Rohit Sharma praised Rishabh Pant fiercely. He said that there is no doubt that Pant is a wonderful captain. We have seen earlier also how great Pant’s captaincy ability is. Sometimes things go against you. This is a very common thing. Such things keep happening on the field. This has happened with me too. Rohit further said that we learn from such mistakes. It’s a tournament with a lot of pressure, so mistakes like these are normal. Rohit Sharma expressed hope that Pant will make a strong comeback next season.

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