Samrat Prithviraj Director Chandraprakash Dwivedi Break Silence On Movie Failure


Akshay Kumar Movie Samrat Prithviraj: If the stars of film actor Akshay Kumar are running in the sky these days, then it might not be wrong. Akshay’s film, which was released on the big screen for some time, is not able to do anything amazing. The recently released actor’s ‘Samrat Prithviraj’ got beaten up badly on the screen. ‘Emperor Prithviraj’, made at a cost of about 300 crores, has been able to earn hardly 75 crores in India in 20 days. The world wide collection of the film has been around 85-90 crores. Akshay did not even dream that ‘Emperor Prithviraj’ (Samrat Prithviraj) would get beaten up so badly.

Did the director hold Akshay responsible for the flop?
After the flop of the film, there were reports that the director has blamed Akshay for its failure. According to reports, director Chandraprakash Dwivedi said that ‘he (Akshay) will not listen. The film needed a dedicated concentration. He didn’t even grow a moustache in reality because he was doing other projects. When he is playing a role in an important historical film, why couldn’t he do just one project, and give his best performance?’

The director told the truth..
Now director Chandraprakash Dwivedi has broken the silence on the news of Akshay being held responsible. We have come very close to each other in the last four years. He is not just an actor for me. He is more than an actor, a friend, a well wisher, a guardian. He is younger than me but, behaves like a parent. I never blamed him for the failure of the film. Why would I? Had it not been for him, the film would never have been made. If anyone is responsible for the failure of ‘Samrat Prithviraj’, it is me. I don’t understand my audience.

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