Shoaib Ibrahim Introduce Sister Saba Husband To Be


Shoaib Ibrahim Introduce Sister Husband To Be: Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar are one of the popular couples of TV. Both are very active on social media. Every day we get to know the fans through the blog. Shoaib’s sister Saba Ibrahim is also a popular blogger. This is the reason why the fans know about every member of his family. But people were still unaware of one member. Were only speculating and that member is the future husband of Saba, about whom the fans were eager to know. Eventually, Shoaib introduced the fans to this special member on his birthday.

Yes, by the way, it was known through blogging that Saba is going to get married and its preparations have also started. But there was suspense on who it was going to happen. Well, now that face has come to the fore.

In relationship for six years, will be married in winter

Shoaib has introduced everyone to the new family member Khalid Miyaz by sharing a latest video. Also told that his marriage with Saba is going to happen in winter this year. Shoaib also told that Saba has known Khalid for the last six years and it is a love marriage. According to Shoaib, the wedding preparations are in full swing.

Saba also introduced Khalid by posting a cute post

At the same time, Saba has also introduced the world to the love of her life by sharing a photo from her Insta account. In the photo, Saba is holding the hand of her boyfriend Khalid.

Sharing this photo, he wrote in the caption, “YouTube, Instagram and WhatsApp are full of Wishes… you all love me so much. I feel like I am a special member of your family. Feeling very good and special, just like a princess. After so much patience, finally this day has come after 6.7 years. Thank you brother and sister-in-law, as always, for supporting me in the decision of life.

Talking about the work front of Shoaib Ibrahim and Deepika Kakar, both are busy in their respective work. While Deepika was seen in ‘Sasural Simar 2’, Shoaib was seen in ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan’.

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