Surya Nutan: Free 3-time cooking stove launched, will last 10 years, government will give subsidy


New Delhi. Surya Nutan: Due to the increase in the price of gas, cooking has become expensive now. The price of domestic cooking gas cylinder has now gone above one thousand rupees. Everyone is worried about the increase in prices. Indian Oil Corporation has now provided an alternative to LPG cylinder. IOC introduced solar stove to be used indoors. The special thing about this stove is that it can be used even at night. This solar stove stores solar energy from the panels installed outside the house, so that food can be cooked for free for three times a day without sitting in the sun.

Cooked food was served on this solar stove in a program organized at the residence of Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri. Puri said the chulha does not cost any maintenance other than the cost of purchase and is being looked at as an alternative to conventional fuel. Developed by the Research and Development Department of IOC in Faridabad.

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Don’t have to keep in the sun
IOC Director (R&D) SSV Ramkumar said that this stove has been named ‘Surya Nutan’. Ramkumar said that this chulha is different from solar cooker. This is because it does not have to be kept in the sun. Surya Nutan Chulha can easily cook three meals for a family of four.

works like this
There is no need to keep the Surya Nutan stove in the sun. This stove is connected to the solar plate on the roof through a cable. The energy generated by the solar plate comes to the stove through cables. Due to this the sun moves new. Solar plate stores solar energy first in thermal battery. For this reason, food can be prepared even at night with the help of Surya Nutan.

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price will be too low
The IOC has just presented the initial model of Surya Nutan. The commercial model is yet to be launched. At present, it has been tested at 60 places across the country. According to IOC, the price of Surya Nutan will be between Rs 18,000 and Rs 30,000. The government will also give subsidy on this. After subsidy, its price can be between Rs 10,000 to 12,000.

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