TCS may bring chip-based passport by the end of this year, what is e-passport and how much will it benefit?


New Delhi . A big update has come about chip based e-passport. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) may bring chip best e-passwords by the end of this year. According to a report by Economic Time, TCS has made all the necessary preparations for this. This country’s leading IT company is preparing to build a new command and control center in collaboration with the Indian Ministry of External Affairs.

The Ministry of External Affairs had renewed the 10-year PSK deal with TCS at the beginning of the year. The value of this deal is Rs 6000 crores. It is believed to be the second phase of the passport project. According to experts, this passport project is very important for TCS as it is considered to be the biggest critical e-governance program for the company so far. Let us understand this e-passport project….

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In general, a new e-passport and regular passport will look the same but there is a big difference. This new passport, which looks like a driving license, has a small electronic chip. In this, all the important information like name, date of birth, address is fed.

With the help of this, information about your travel details can be found in less time and easily. Apart from this, a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and an antenna have also been installed in the e-passport. All the critical information of the passport is also printed on the data page and also stored in the chip.

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Due to this new e-passport, the circulation of fake passports is likely to reduce. That is, fake passports will be curbed. With the advent of e-passport, the government will be able to further strengthen the security of the passport. Also, things like tampering with passport i.e. data tampering will become difficult. Intruders can also be stopped. Due to the electronic chip, the government will also be able to increase the identity verification level of the passport.

If a new e-PA passport arrives by the end of the year, then even after that the old passport will be valid. When the user gives his passport to update, it will be updated with a new chip.

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