The shares of paint companies have always given strong returns, double the money in 3 years, what to do now?


Investment Tips: There are some such stocks in the stock market which are evergreen. The shares of the paint company also fall in this category. The shares of these companies always add green color to your portfolio. These companies have given solid returns to the investors. Rather, over the years, the money has been multiplied. Asian Paint, Berger Paint and Kansai Paint have given strong returns to investors.

Money Control in Paint Stocks has been analyzed and told that they have doubled the money to the investors every 3 years. This result has been drawn on the basis of rolling returns of these companies for the last 15 years. Rolling returns are considered to be more accurate than any other method.

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More than 3000 thousand percent return in 15 years
The data shows that Berger Paint has the best performance on the basis of 3-year rolling returns. 70 percent of the time this stock has given returns of more than 100 percent. Talking about the full 15 years, Berger Paint has given 3244 percent return. At the same time, the return of Asian Paints was 3038 percent in 15 years. Kansai Paints gave a return of 1006 percent. At the same time, Nifty gave a return of 261 percent during this period.

Cost increased, profit decreased
In the last 15 years, a lot of changes have also been seen in the paints industry. During this time many companies have entered the market. The market share of the companies has also decreased. Along with this, margin profit has also decreased due to increase in cost.

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Shares fell 25 percent this year
However, the stock of paints companies are also going down due to the decline of the market. There is a good correction in these stocks from the high level. Asian Paints has seen a decline of 22 per cent this year. Today on Wednesday, this stock was trading at Rs 2658. Berger Paint has also broken up to 25 percent this year. Today on Wednesday, its shares were running around Rs 580.

Experts say that once the downtrend in the market stops and reversals are seen, then they can be entered once again. The shares of paints companies will be able to give good returns in future also.

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