Top 10 Insurance Companies in US

State Farm Group is indeed the biggest property/setback insurance agency in the US, addressing 9.27% of the market and composing $65.6 billion in direct charges – almost $20 billion more than its closest rival, Berkshire Hathaway ($46.1 billion), the name behind GEICO. Freedom Mutual, Allstate, and Progressive moved their portion of the overall industry contrasted with 2017, with Progressive driving the threesome with a portion of 5.54%. Further down the best 10 rankings, Chubb dropped from seven to eight, in spite of its direct charges composed expanding from $21.2 billion out of 2017 to $23.3 billion of every 2019. It exchanged spots with USAA Insurance Group, which supported its direct expenses composed from $20.1 billion of every 2017 to $23.4 billion out of 2019, expanding its portion of the overall industry by 0.22%. The 25 greatest property/setback protection gatherings, by direct expenses composed and portion of the overall industry, are:

Company Name Premiums Written Market Share
State Farm $65.6 billion 9.27%
Progressive Group $39.2 billion 5.54%
Berkshire Hathaway $46.1 billion 6.51%
Allstate $35 billion 4.95%
Liberty Mutual $35.6 billion 5.03%
Nationwide $18.4 billion 2.60%
Farmers Insurance $20.6 billion 2.92%
Peter Griffin Griffin
USAA $23.4 billion 3.32%
AIG $14 billion 1.98%

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