What Are The Causes Of Fatty Liver Symptoms And Home Remedies For Fatty Liver


The amount of fat in the liver of any person is very less or negligible, but when fat starts accumulating in the liver cells, then gradually there is swelling in the liver. This causes the problem of fatty liver. When someone has a fatty liver problem, the amount of calories in the body gets converted into fat and accumulates in the liver cells. Due to this, inflammation starts increasing in the liver. If the problem of fatty liver is more severe, there is a risk of liver damage as well. When the amount of fat in the body increases by 10% of the weight of the liver, then in such a situation the liver turns into fatty liver. It also affects the digestive system. The biggest difficulty is that many times people get to know about the problem of fatty liver late. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult to defend. In such a situation, it is important for you to know about fatty liver. Let us know how many types of fatty liver are there? What are the symptoms of fatty liver and how can fatty liver be prevented?

What are the types of fatty liver?

1- Alcoholic fatty liver- Alcoholic fatty liver is caused by drinking too much alcohol. Due to this, fat starts accumulating in the liver and there is swelling in the liver. People who drink too much alcohol start having problems of fatty liver.

What is defense A person who is suffering from alcoholic liver problem should not drink alcohol for 6 weeks. Due to this the swelling of the liver starts decreasing and the only solution for this is to give up alcohol.

2- Non-alcoholic fatty liver- Non-alcoholic fatty liver is mostly caused by diet. By eating oily food or eating more outside food, some such elements get included in the body, which directly affects your weight. A person may have fatty liver problem due to increased obesity or having diabetes. It is also often due to eating one type of food for a long time. Keep in mind that do not eat the same food for a long time.

What is defense To avoid this problem, eat the food alternately. Do not eat too much fried roast so that obesity does not happen. Keep exercising so that you stay fit.

Symptoms of Fatty Liver

By the way, there are no symptoms in the beginning, but gradually through some problems it can be known whether there is a fatty liver disease or not. Know what are the symptoms of fatty liver.
1- Feeling of vomiting often.
2- Loss of appetite at all.
3- Food is not digested well.
4- Feeling tired often.
5- Feeling of weakness all of a sudden.
6- Weight loss.
7- Swelling in the upper part of the stomach.

Why is there a problem of fatty fatty liver?

The most important two reasons are, one is to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and the second is not to take care of food and drink. Well, despite these reasons, there are many other reasons that can lead to the problem of fatty liver. know.

1- Eating chili-spice in large quantities
2- Type-2 diabetes
3- Being overweight
4- Increase of fat in the blood
5- Having high cholesterol
6- Decreased metabolism
7- Genetic reasons

Preventing Fatty Liver?
Apart from medicines, there are some home methods by which you can prevent fatty liver. You can adopt these home remedies to keep yourself fit and avoid fatty liver.

1- Drink plenty of coconut water, lentils, pulse water and buttermilk.
2- Do exercise daily, even if it is less but do not forget to exercise.
3- Eat garlic, use garlic in all vegetables.
4- Eat food before 9 o’clock in the night, do not eat late at night.
5- Give up alcohol, smoking completely.
6- Chew any food thoroughly and eat it.
7- Eat less fat-enhancing foods.
8- Eat more and more broccoli, fish, avocado.

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